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This is a hybrid course that meets once weekly during the semester and involves extensive online work. It is designed for organized, motivated learners. Students in this course will be prepared to take the AP Micro exam.

Hybrid AP Psychology is a year-long course that meets twice a week during 1st hour. Hybrid AP Psych will require more independent learning than semester-long AP Psych, and class time will be dedicated to discussion and activities.

Students are introduced to major philosophers of the modern
era (after 1500) as well as their major works and arguments.
The Course is designed as a survey course that covers a
wide range of philosophical thought. The course explores
such topics Metaphysics and Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, Religious Philosophy, and Post-Modern Philosophy.
Students will develop critical thinking skills and the ability
to apply abstract philosophical thought to real-world situations
and current events.

Introduction to Sociology. This class is comparable to a Sociology 101 class at the University level. Material in the hybrid format is designed for self-motivated, responsible students. Participants will take the MN CLEP exam at the end of the year for possible college credit.

This course is designed for students wanting to prepare for the advanced placement exam in government and politics. The hybrid format combines weekly class seminars and online work. It is designed for organized, motivated learners. This class will utilize various resources to focus on the U.S. government and to gain a better understanding of our role as a citizen impact in today’s world.